Believe In Yourself Hand Stamped Bangle [2 Variants]
"Believe in Yourself" is a hand-stamped letter on this stunning bangle, made with top silver and go..
I Love Who I Am Hand Stamped Bangle
"I Love Who I Am" is hands stamped letter on this stunning Silver Bangle. The open band bracelet's ..
I Am the Master of my Fate Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet
"I Am the Master of my Fate; I Am the Captain of my Soul"  is hand stamped correspondence by letter ..
My Mother by Chance Hand Stamped Bangle [3 Variants]
"My Mom by Chance, My Buddy by Choice" would be the words hand-stamped in this stunning bangle. The..
My Story Isn't Over Yet Hand Stamped Charm Wire Bracelet [2 Variants]
"My Story Isn't Over Yet" is a charm bracelet made more impactful from the meaningful semicolon symb..
You Were Given this Life Hand Stamped Leather Bracelet
"You're Given this Lifestyle Because You Are Powerful Enough to Live It" is a bracelet full of words..
'Though She Be But Little She is Fierce' Shakespeare's Inspirational Open Cuff Bangle
An inspirational quotation, excerpted from Shakespeare's renowned masterpiece Midsummer Night's Drea..
'Police Girl' Crystal Heart Charm Chain Bracelets [5 Variants]
Who run the entire world? Girls! Get this lasting string bracelet that fits almost every look whe..
'Police Sister' Crystal Heart Charm Chain Bracelet
This LIMITED EDITION trendy charm bracelet is a perfect Birthday or Holiday Present for your Police ..
'Her Prince' and'His' Princess' Volume Chain Bracelets
Make your loved one happy by surprising them this group bracelet adorned with her' Prince' and'His' ..
'Live your dream' Cuff Bangle Bracelet
Wear this inspiring quoted bangle daily as a daily reminder, announcement, and inspiration to try an..
'Police Mom' Crystal Heart Charm Chain Bracelets [5 Variants]
Most of us agree that all Mothers around the world love their children unconditionally. Being a Mot..
'Police Wife' Crystal Heart Charm Chain Bracelets [5 Variants]
Prove your love to your wife and tell her just how much proud you are for her by getting her stunnin..
'Sing as though no one can hear you sing' Engrave Bangles Bracelets [2 Variants]
Live and Love life to the fullest! This LIMITED EDITION"Sing as though no one can hear you sing" is..
108 Beads Natural Sandalwood Buddhist Prayer Bracelet
This attractive LIMITED EDITION bracelet is created with 8mm high-quality Sandalwood beads and high-..
108 Jasper Mala 7 Chakra Stones Silver OM Pendant Bracelet
This beautifully handmade, LIMITED EDITION bracelet/necklace is created of strong>6mm Jasper beads, ..
18K Gold 4mm Round Beads Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This 18kt rose gold beaded bracelet features roughly 38 silver, 18k gold, rose beads. Beautifully h..
18K Gold 4mm Weaved Beads Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This weaved beaded bracelet comprises gold or silver black beads, rose. Beautifully handcrafted in ..
18K Gold Plated Beads 1 Diamond Ball Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This eye-catching 18K rose gold plated beaded bracelet comprises one 18kt rose gold ball encrusted w..
18K Gold Plated Beads 3 Diamond Ball Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This 18kt rose gold bracelet comprises three 18kt rose gold chunks encrusted with black Swarovski cr..
18K Gold Plated Beads 5 Diamond Ball Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
The macrame style bracelets feature an adjustable band. A fantastic addition to any jewelry collect..
18K Gold Plated Beads and Sun Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This stunning18K Increased Plated bracelet Includes a Hamsa Hand encrusted with Swarovski crystals t..
18K Gold Plated Beads Hamsa Hand Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
This eye-catching 18K rose gold plated bracelet features a Hamsa Hand encrusted with black Swarovski..
18K Gold Plated Beads Skull Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
The macrame style necklaces feature a flexible band. A fantastic addition to any jewelry collection..
18K Gold Plated Beads Tiger Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
Beautifully handcrafted in macrame Design for a Tasteful and Perfect look, This eye-catching 18K ros..
18K Gold Plated Crystal Pave Weave Unisex Bracelet [4 Variants]
HIgh-quality 18K rose gold plated weaved bracelet comprises you 18kt rose gold ball encrusted with b..
18K Gold Plated Diamond Stopper Macrame Bracelet [4 Variants]
Simply and trendy diamond multi-stopper bracelet in silver, silver, rose black, and gold. Featuring..
24K Gold Crystal Pave Setting Micro Zircon Macrame Bracelet [5 Variants]
The eye necklace has 4mm silver balls and five micro-paved crystal charms. 24K Gold Crystal Pave Se..
33 Tasbih Agate Islam Prayer Beads [8 Colors]
Known by several names -- Tasbih or Tasbeeha, Subha, Misbah or Dhikr beads that the Islam prayer bea..
4 in 1 Emergency Powerbank Charging Cable Bracelet
The number of private emergency we must counter prepare today are rising. And these aren't  restric..
4-in-1 Bead Leather Bracelet Set [Set of 4] [14 Variants]
Having trouble stacking bracelets? Never have to deal with that with ournbsp;4-in-1 Bead Leather Br..
5 Laps Unisex Leather Bracelet [10 Variants]
This unisex bracelet was made to wrap around the wrist five times, giving a piled effect. The brace..
7 Awareness Ceramic Color String Bracelets [Sets of 2]
Our blessed strings bracelets today bring more than chance and good fortune to the wearer but also t..
7 Chakra Reiki Carved Beads Chain Bracelet
This stunning crystal bracelet features amethyst, rock crystal, citrine, aventurine, red jasper, and..
7 Chakra Stones Vintage Heart Charm Bracelet
This magnificent LIMITED EDITIONenergy to flow freely Genuine Natural Stones 100% Handmade Not avai..
7 Chakra Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet [2 Variants]
Live your life to the fullest and balance your chakras with this 7 Chakra Tree Of Life Charm bracele..
7 Chakra Wooden Mala Beads Bracelet
Beautifully handcrafted, this LIMITED EDITION meditation bracelet is made out of high-resiliency com..
7 Spiritual Energy Stone Chakra Bangle Bracelet [4 Variants]
This magnificent strong>crystal/strong> bangle bracelet features amethyst, lapis lazuli, ..
8mm Grey Jasper Stone Micro Pave Bracelets [2 Variants]
Beautifully handcrafted, this stunning beaded natural lava stone stretch men's bracelet can be found..
8mm Stone Beads Disco Pave Crystal Macrame Shamballa Bracelets [10 Variants]
Beautifully handmade , this stunning Handmade Pave Crystal Disco Shamballa necklace is skillfully we..
Achromatic Couples Distance Bracelet Set
Inspired by the brilliant father of geometry, Euclid of Alexandria, this pair's longstanding bracele..
Adjustable Cool Boho Seed Bead Bracelet
Introducing Lindajewelry's Adjustable Cool Boho Seed Bead Bracelet! It features a stunning neutral ..
Adjustable Crystal Charm Leather Bracelet
Carefully handmade, these stunning natural stone beaded leopard necklaces will sit perfectly on your..
Adjustable Natural Stone Unisex Buddha Bracelet [10 Variants]
Beautifully handcrafted, this LIMITED EDITION stunning beaded Buddha stretch bracelet Includes six T..
Adjustable Vintage Gold Zodiac Charm Bangle [12 Variants]
This horoscope bangle is adorned with a Zodiac sign charms which sit perfectly on a gold cord bracel..
Adjustable Glass Evil Eye Bracelets [2 Variants]
Handmade, these stunning glass bracelet may sit on your wrist. Get this amazing trinket for your fr..
Adjustable Lucky Chinese Braided Red String Bracelet [2 Variants]
Handmade, this stunning rope bracelet can bring you luck and prosperity in your life. It can absolu..
Adjustable Natural Sanderswood Prayer Beads Bracelet [Two Variants]
Beautifully handcrafted with enthusiasm and hard work. This prayer bead bracelet is absolutely ..
Adjustable Rainbow Pride Shamballa Bracelet
Can you love the Pride parade? Subsequently this Rainbow Pride bracelet is for you! Made to encaps..
Adjustable Silver Zodiac Charm Bangle [12 Variants]
This stunning, LIMITED EDITION horoscope bangle is adjustable and will fit a 6-7" wrist comfortably...
Adjustable Spiritual Chakra Crystal Unisex Bracelet
Beautifully handcrafted, this stunning crystal beaded spiritual bracelet features amethyst, rock cr..
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