Equality Dog Tag Pendant Necklace
Cut out and joyful, this"Equality" Dog Tag Pendant Necklace is produced from the top caliber Titaniu..
Pride Dog Tag Pendant Necklace
Love is equal with All Our"Pride" Dog Tag Pendant Necklace! Crafted using all the best quality stain..
She Stole My Heart & Daddy's Girl Silver Necklace Set [Set of 2]
The ideal keepsake has arrived and it's in the kind of our"She Stole My Heart" &"Daddy's Girl" Silve..
3 Pieces Heart Puzzle Necklace Set [Set of 3]
Finish the puzzle of sisterly love with our 3 Pieces Heart Puzzle Necklace Set! The necklace set is..
Affectionate Pit Bull Oil Dog Necklaces [6 Variants]
Our Affectionate Pit Bull Oil Dog Necklaces are made from top-quality steel and handpainted with exa..
African Map Charm Necklace
The African Map Charm Necklace is the best addition to your traditional jewelry collection! Im..
African Wenge Wood Mala Beads
African Wenge is a naturally Dark and Dense wood making these beads sturdy and durable, perfect for ..
African Wenge Wood Mala Beads with Turquoise Spacers
5 turquoise beads' shade highlights the natural grain of the Wenge with Silver spacers. It wrapped ..
Multi-Colored Agate Mala Beads with Tassel
Prayer beads or Malas are a tool utilized to count the number of times per mantra is recited or brea..
Aircraft Vintage Pendant Necklace [2 Variants]
Allow this Aircraft Vintage Pendant Necklace satisfy your creativity. With this charm necklace, you..
American Flag Mask Skull Stainless Steel Necklace [2 Variants]
If you're a fan of horror films, then that American Flag Mask Skull Stainless Steel Necklace is perf..
Amiable Bridesmaid Wish Necklace
A perfect pearl in a pendant for a superb person who has effortlessly contributed a Great Deal of po..
Angel Wings Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklaces [6 colors]
Let yourself be transported straight to Heaven with an Angel Wings Aromatherapy Pendant.  User frien..
Angel Wings Wish Necklace
This dainty wing necklace charm is casual and lovely at precisely the same time it is sometimes a fa..
Anna Purna Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant
The Imperial Buddhist Kalachakra exults in harmony alongside a shindig of healing stones, turquoise,..
Antique Aroma Diffuser Necklace [18 Variants]
Flaunt this vintage-inspired Antique Aroma Diffuser Necklace and enjoy the soothing and relaxing sce..
Antique Little Planet Pendant Necklace
Wear the Planet. There is every day, that A perfect companion has been created. An accessory for t..
Apple Heart Essential Oil Diffuser with Lava Stone [6 colors]
Great for that special Teacher in your own life, these beautiful Apple Heart Pendants aren't only be..
Ariel's Tail Mermaid Pendant Necklace
Attached into some durable braided leather string ready to flaunt in your neck. Bejeweled with thi..
Assorted Black Choker Necklace Set [8 Variants]
Discover the charm of the Assorted Black Choker Necklace Set! Each pair is a surprise for your perc..
Aurora Borealis Halo Gemstone Silver Necklace
Experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis.  Handcrafted from S925 Sterling silver & accessible i..
Aventurine Leaves Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Every morning start anew and discover the balance between the things that you will need to do by spo..
Axe Pendant Charm Necklace [3 Variants]
A whimsical gold strand necklace that is acceptable for any style. Whether you are searching for a ..
Bagua Style Carved Obsidian Amulet Necklace
This lovely and magnificent LIMITED EDITION beaded necklace, comes with an intricately handmade Obsi..
Barbell Man Pendant Charm Necklaces [2 Variants]
Like spending some time in the gym to tone your physique? All these Barbell Man Pendant Charm Neckl..
Baseball Player Dog Tag Pendant Necklaces [2 Variants]
Love baseball? We have got all of the bases! Each version of these necklaces has their own specia..
Lovely Honey Bee Silver Jewelry Set
Bloom with Each piece of this Beautiful Honey Bee Silver Jewelry Set! Made to resemble nature's mos..
Magnificent Star Pendant Wish Necklace
With this Gorgeous Star Pendant Wish Necklace, nothing is too impossible in reaching for your hopes ..
Belgium Map Charm Necklace
Fall in love with culture together with the Belgium Map Charm Necklace and picture yourself in the c..
Big Dipper Sterling Silver Necklace
If you're looking for your goal in life, the Big Dipper Sterling Silver Necklace is what you need. ..
Black Agate Mala Beads with Tassel
Buddhist prayer beads or Malas are a traditional tool utilized to count the number of times whi..
Black Obsidian Carving Dragon Lucky Pendant Necklace
Gorgeous laser trimmed and polished Dragon obsidian pendant necklace, handpicked in ultimate mainten..
Black Obsidian Cross Pendant Necklace
Cross is a renowned Catholic and Christian emblem that depicts the hardship and love of Jesus. This..
Black Tassel Layered Choker Necklace
Choker Necklaces are back in season and they're here to remain! We provide you Black Tassel Layered..
Black Tourmaline Grounding Stone Pendant Necklace [2 Variants]
 This strong>ONE OF A KIND Black Tourmaline Grounding Stone pendants come with a 70cm or 30" gold or..
Black USMC Marine Dog Tag Pendant Necklace
Made from the best quality stainless steel, our Black USMC Marine Dog Tag Pendant Necklace includes ..
Black Velvet Choker Necklace [6 Variations]
Made using a strong>100% pure/strongVelvet material, our Velvet Choker Necklace is essential have fo..
Black Wooden Prayer Beads Necklace
Featuring a cross-shaped pendant, this Black Wooden Prayer Beads Necklace is a great addition to you..
Blue Bird and his Nest Double Pendant Necklace
Get in touch with Nature with This Particular Cute Bird and his Nest Double Pendant Necklace. The ..
Blue Zodiac Glass Cabochon Silver Pendant Necklace [1 2 variations]
Each pendant features one of the 12 Astrological Signs contained from the Zodiac. Pick ! These Pen..
Bodybuilder Charm Necklaces [2 Variants]
Your cuts, firearms, and muscles with all the Bodybuilder Charm Necklaces! Inspired by the discipli..
Boho Lace Choker Necklace [2 Variants]
Finely-made using the one of the best grade of lace accessible for handcrafting, our Boho Lace Choke..
Buddha Head Necklace
Embody enlightenment and walk the Noble Eightfold path. Definitely etched and carefully rendered on..
Buddha Head Pendant Chain Necklace
A dainty and elegant necklace including the mind of a Buddha, this design is available in silver. A..
Buddhist Yak Bone Pendant Necklace
An Om Hindu Layout printed on the Indian Yak bone pendant that is real is contained by the Buddhist ..
Butcher Knife Pendant Necklace
Show off your geeky side wearing this Limited Edition miniature Butcher Knife pendant! This Silver c..
Cabochon Semicolon Glass Pendant Necklace [Silver or Bronze]
There is A Semicolon showcased in this beautiful charm necklace. The semicolon is a symbol represen..
Calla Hara Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant
A premium pendant in which intrinsic artistry awards your neckline with radiant flashes of exuberanc..
Calming Tortoise Charm Necklace
Allow the hum of this Calming Tortoise Charm Necklace carry one to a place. Made using premium grad..
Initial Capital Letter Gold Pendant Necklace A-Z
Explore our Gold Initial Capital Portfolio Pendant Necklaces and also find.  This elegant necklace ..
Carved Dragon and Phoenix Obsidian Pendant Necklace Set
This Carved Dragon and Phoenix Obsidian Pendant Necklace Set is a YinYang couple necklace. The Drag..
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