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Dachshunds are fiercely indeed fun pets, lively, and loyal companions. 6 variants of our Run Darling Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces are waiting for you! Each design is handpainted by high-quality enamel oil paint to guarantee the glowy finish of those beauties! 

  • Pendant Size: 40mm x 44mm
  • Length: 17.7" or 45cm
  • Top-grade link chain 

Great for girls who love animals especially dogs, these Run Darling Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces will finish the day of a girl!  These LIMITED EDITION necklaces are already flying off our shelves, so be sure to get yours today! Avail at least two necklaces to get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE and put a smile on a woman's face by giving her these necklaces!