Jewelry Code: 5120

Were you aware that women and men can suffer from Breast Cancer? Handcrafted to perfection, our Breast Cancer Awareness Ceramic String Bracelets are more than just accessories that are cute. These bracelets are created out of an unwavering purpose in mind: o provide support to all victims of Breast Cancer and extend awareness.  

  • Produced from durable rope using ceramic beads for simple locking purposes
  • Lindajewelry Exclusive Design
  • Featuring two pink porcelain beads with 2 flexible lengths from 6.2" (16cm) to 7" (18cm) and 7.4" (19cm) to 8.2" (21 cm)
  • Since these bracelets are handcrafted, allow about 1-2 cm length difference

Don't allow this silent predator continue to destroy the lives of everybody you love. Help us spread awareness by wearing these meaningful bracelets for a cause daily. Purposely coloured in pink to represent the struggle against Breast Cancer, these bracelets are the ideal way.