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This inherent and gruesome top silver ring provides a bit of mythical radiant to your appearance. The dragon attracts riches, love, and breath of life. LIMITED EDITION rather than available in stores.

  • Measures 14mm in width and weighs 9.2grams customizable in size genuine silver
  • Brilliantly ornamented with high-quality prized dragon charm
  • Dynamically durable, compatible with almost any outfit
  • Fantastic intricacy of design and virtuosity of workmanship

Sterling silver is a soft and intensely shiny alloy. It undergoes techniques that are excellent is remarkably hypoallergenic and endured for centuries. Immerse yourself in stunning allure's harmonious experience with this enticing ring and feel the real beauty of silver on our luxury collection now!

An exalted glamor, rare and ancient grace that's supposedly inherited from the czar of all dragons, that this exclusive ring is each cavalier's knight in shining Armor.  FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!