Jewelry Code: 5551

This deluxe watch reveals the liberty of artwork through the group of excellent workmanship and ultimate subtlety. Premium quartz glass window protects the dial and also face of this watch as a result of its versatility and tendency to resist blasting. LIMITED EDITION rather than available in shops.

  • 40mm if diameter, 20mm in bandwidth, 7mm in depth and 9.44" or 24cm in length
  • Carefully chosen high quality stainless steel and durable watchband
  • Features jolt resistant feel and inherent design

Outstanding allure from the cover of the crystal into the bottom of this case which relaxes beautifully and elastic buckle which securely wraps round your wrist keep the eye in position. Modified isochronism ensures that when the watch has been accepted home it can work in conditions.

flaunt your trendsetting style when you wear this strong>exclusive marble timepiece, perfect for a business casual assembly to everyday wear.  FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!