Jewelry Code: 5763

Beautifully handcrafted, this LIMITED EDITION meditation bracelet is made out of high-resiliency comfy elastic silicone cording features 7 chakras 8mm organic mala beads. These colorful stones can help you attain body, the mind, and soul's deepest comfort.

Amethyst is a powerful stone for healing and spiritual growth. Citrine can also be known as"Success Stone" that includes a powerful capability to soothe anxiety and anxiety. Aventurine is known for its ability to stabilize the mind and calm anger and aggravation. Red Jasper is a supreme nurturer that can replenish energy, give courage, and enhance confidence. Turquoise is a stone for protection. Tiger Eye will give the wearer the ability. Agate is a great stone eliminating and harmonizing the body, mind, and soul by tensions that are calming and rebalancing. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING in case you get two or more bracelets!