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Showcase your GOT pride with a Handmade Game of Thrones Cabochon Sigil Charm Leather Bracelet with a snap-on charm button etched with your favorite House Sigil Symbol.  Each necklace variant is a handsome work of art, affordably priced, and made of premium grade leather and high-grade (Valerian) steel.  At a highly versatile vintage bohemian inspired design that will be acceptable for both men and women to utilize, to add value to some fundamental, everyday or business casual apparel.

Why are we attracted to various symbolism? It is because each of us is born under the influence of the various elements that made the forces governing the universe we reside. This product contains all of the Game of Thrones Houses symbols as a version to accommodate most of GOT followers that each has their own home favorite. Whichever home you are rooting for; you don't need to look much because we carry the GOT homes' symbols.