Jewelry Code: 5640

A turquoise allure submerged in silver in which brilliance elegance devours abundantly and swims. Crafted to a standard of creativity by our supreme artisans, this premium bracelet is constructed of the best sterling silver finely appointed and glistening. A dashing embellishment glows brightly in the center of this LIMITED EDITION ornament like every flowering blossom in an Easter basket amidst the calm Santorini Sea.

  • Measures 2.36" or 6cm in diameter and weighs 19g
  • High-quality real silver
  • Characterized by the use of complex artistry
  • Breathtakingly tempting and exceptionally resilient

Sterling silver undergoes meticulous silver-making mechanism compassed for centuries. Since it contains less mix of other compounds, it's hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Breathe the scent of silver on the luxury jewelry today! Exclusive and not available in shops.

Show off your alluring style when you wear this turquoise bracelet, yours.