Jewelry Code: 5680

This lavishing bracelet comprises the Novel Chain that's constructed from fine premium silver, perfectly molded to produce a shimmering series with smooth and well-polished edges. LIMITED EDITION and not available in shops.

  • The Novel Chain bracelet includes a length sizes from 7.08" (18cm) up to 9.05" (23cm)
  • Comes with a unique compact safety secure clasp
  • It is made by one of their top silversmiths designers in the country

All of our real sterling silver bracelets are crafted to excellence. We guarantee durability and strength. Because it is one of the first five metals discovered and utilized by humans silver bears a place in the history of humankind. Silver objects dating from 4000 BC are found in Greece and in Anatolia (modern Turkey). 

The book chain is used. An alternate name for this sort of connection is series.  Plunge to the delicate beauty of silver within our exclusive silver assortment!