Jewelry Code: 5641

Inscribed with the mantra script that is Japanese, this enchanting bracelet rejuvenates the benevolent attention and blessings of Ebisu, the god in charge of riches in Japanese mythology. Exclusive and not available in shops.

  • Steps 2.32" or 5.9cm in diameter, 0.3cm in depth and weighs 22g
  • High-quality premium real silver
  • Characterized by the use of striking artistry
  • Extremely well made and distinctively resilient
  • Tremendously ornamented and glistening

Sterling Silver is made of the purest and greatest silver on the planet. It is finely crafted by the most skilled silversmiths and it undergoes meticulous methods compassed for generations. Since it contains less mix of different metals, it's hypoallergenic and rust-free.

Glow with the actual beauty of silver on the luxury bracelets!